July 6, 2015


Photon Scientific is a leading business engaged in scientific & engineering consulting, and providing affordable solutions and equipment from world class manufacturers in numerous areas of science and engineering. We strive for innovation, excellence and complete customer satisfaction with our hard work and professional approach.

We are specialist in the following areas:

  • Spectral and spectroscopy products used in physical science for numerous research and industrial applications. We consult on your desired applications and provide adequate solutions.
  • Lasers and associated peripheral products for higher research and industrial applications, which includes spectroscopy applications, material processing, microelectronics, biotechnology and micromachining.
  • Laser safety and protective equipment, laser safety calculations, consulting and products advise of military standards.
  • Geo technical instruments and deep borehole logging expertise through our overseas business partners.
  • Automated product photography equipment & software for still, 360 degree and 3D images and animations of professional standard and high quality for applications to your all online and advertising needs.