August 12, 2015

Laser Safety


NOHD is Nominal Ocular hazard distance. For lasers safety calculations of NOHD and its extensions are vital. We will provide you all details with calculations while determining these parameters as per Australian and New Zealand standards for your classified lasers or other relevant light sources.


NSHD is nominal skin hazard distance. We can workout all calculations for NSHD for your laser sources or other light sources and advise accordingly safety measures to be applied.


MPE is known as maximum permissible exposure. To determine laser classification correctly, MPEs are calculated for different conditions. We will provide you all MPE details while classifying your laser source.

Laser classification

Laser classification determines that the laser source belongs to which class, and accordingly laser safety is outlined. Please note that the laser classification provided by laser manufacturer/ supplier may not be correct for you, as the classification of these sources changes with the situation, ie the way it is being used. So, a correct classification is determined after accessing all the physical situations and its application. We will do it for you as per Australia and New Zealand standards.

Laser Safety Eyewear/Barriers

In Australia, we are proudly distributing all 'Laservision' products, Eyewear, Barriers & Windows for laser safety. We supply laser safety glasses for different laser sources. For your enquiry, please contact us with the type of laser you using, with wavelength range, and its output power. We can also workout OD (optical density) of the glasses required for your laser source and supply the same.