July 13, 2015

ScanCube 3D & 360º Photography

We are the authorized distributor for all products of ScanCube France in Australia and New Zealand.

ScanCube is a European manufacturer of photo studios for creating automated 360 and 3D animations for a range of consumer products. The entire system is fully controlled and automated by state of the art software to meet specific imaging requirements. These solutions are leading marketing tools to create quality and professional images for e-commerce and website display. This tool enables you to present your product’s interactive images for real viewing by your customers. Many companies are using this emerging technology in fashion, food, electronics and jewellery industry for product photography. These photo studios are also used for sharp and still images with complete white background. The software also enables you to create a transparent background and save the images in jpeg, gif, html or raw format. It also provides batch flow and consistent imaging of products such as shoes, dresses, jewellery, bags, toys, food etc.

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ScanCube – 204Dimensions_scancube_204

Possible Products : Jewellery, watches, glasses, bottles,
cosmetics, shoes, electronics, small hardware,

Dimensions : (W) 51cm x (L) 63cm x (H) 70cm 34Kg

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ScanCube – 308Dimensions_scancube_308

Possible Products : Shoes, boots, fashion accessories, food items,
toys, hardware, tools, leather goods, handbags, electrical products.

Dimensions : (W) 60cm x (L) 70cm x (H) 88cm 47Kg

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ScanCube – 516Dimensions_scancube_516

Possible Products :Thigh boots, luggage, wooden goods,
textile on bust dummy, decorations, small furniture, sports goods.

Dimensions : (W) 78cm x (L) 88cm x (H) 124cm 75Kg

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ScanCube – 626Dimensions_scancube_626


Possible Products : Luggage, wooden goods,
textile on bust dummy, decorations, small furniture, sports goods.

Dimensions : (W) 87cm x (L) 97cm x (H) 169cm 98Kg

Download Product SheetPDF (Small)