July 6, 2015

In Focus

Laser Safety and Radiation Safety

New!! Buy all type of laser safety eyewear; we cover entire range for all wavelengths and power. Also call us or contact us for laser radiation barriers, screens, windows and professional advice on laser safety.

Laser safety papers, calculations of OD, NOHD, NSHD, MPE, AEL and Classification for complex laser sources and LED sources. A range of laser safety goggles based on OD requirement or by range of wavelengths and power are also available for research labs and workshops.

Sacher Lasertechnik Group, Germany

We are now distributing all products from Sacher Lasertechnik, GmbH in Australia and Newzealand. Please contact us with your enquiries or visit site http://www.sacher-laser.com

Spectral Products

We proudly represent Spectral Products, USA. for Australia and New Zealand. We are selling and managing a range of optical test and measuring instruments from Spectral Products (SP) to meet your research and industrial applications. SP is innovative, versatile and specialised in spectrometry, light measurement, and photometry. We are offering a number of modular equipments and systems tailoring to the needs of clients with complete solutions.

SP units are useful in various science and research applications such as Fluorescence, RAMAN & Infrared spectroscopy, Colorimetry and photometry. They are also widely used for numerous applications in education, semiconductor, biomedical, environmental, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, spark, pulp/paper, mining/metals, process & control industry.