August 12, 2015

Analytical Instruments

XRF, ICP, AAS, LC, GC etc for application to Building, Petroleum, Mineral metallurgy, Medicine, Jewellery, and Food industries. These instruments are manufactured and supplied by Skyray Instruments Ltd., a global leader in analytical instruments.

 XRF Spectrometers

The application fields and advantages of XRF Spectrometer:

• Heavy metal analysis in media such as in soil, water, air and industrial discharge detection
• Diagnosis and fault detection of physical deterioration
• Analysis in control of raw material, manufacturing technique and process flow and product quality
• Quality inspection in goods and heavy metal analysis in food
• Geological analysis, mineral research and mineral analysis
• Identification of precious metal such as Au, Pt, and Ag and jewelry
• Quality monitoring and product inspection of construction material such as cement and glass
• Medicolegal identification and technical evaluation in public security system
• Age determination of cultural relics and fossil
• Analysis of plating thickness, electroplating solution and metal content in plating  

Main distinct advantage of XRF Spectrometers compared to other analysers

• Accurate: Can be equivalent to chemical analysis
• Fast: Rapid analysis(typically 1 to 3 minutes) for tens of elements in a sample at one time
• Non-destructive: No physical or chemical destruction for samplesples
• Intuitionistic: Display analysis results with intuitionistic diagrams
• Environmental protection: Cause no pollution and damage to biology and environment

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